How Bosnia Armed
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  • Published: April 2004
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How Bosnia Armed

Marko Attila Hoare

Within three and a half years of its inception, the Bosnian Army succeeded in fighting the Serbian army to a standstill; Serbia was forced to recognise Bosnia’s independence. Yet the victory was ambiguous, leaving two thirds of the country under the control of Serb and Croat extremists while the remainder had become a predominantly Muslim Bosniak-inhabited area.

Challenging the opposing stereotypes of ‘Islamic fundamentalism’ and ‘multi-ethnic Bosnia’, the author seeks to establish what really happened in Bosnian internal politics during the war. He shows that Bosnia’s war of independence was genuinely multi-national and pluralistic at its inception but, under the impact of external aggression, internal treason and international betrayal, it changed into an essentially Bosnian Muslim struggle for survival.

About the Author

Marko Attila Hoare received his PhD from Yale University in 2000 and is currently completing a book on the partisan movement in Bosnia during World War II. He is a British Academy Research Fellow and member of the Cambridge University Department of History.


‘A well-argued and well-documented history of the key instrument of Bosnian policy … should be required reading for all those studying the Yugoslav war.' The Slavonic and East European Review

‘Hoare analysed a specific angle of the Bosnian war and he did it as an objective and competent scholar. The book is warmly recommended to readers.’ Dr Tahir Mahmutefendic, The South Slav Journal

‘Well-researched, thoughtful, and provocative … it should be required reading for anyone interested in the Bosnian conflict.’
The Journal of Military History