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Why Yemen Matters

A Society in Transition

Edited by Helen Lackner

In November 2011, an agreement brokered by the GCC brought an end to Yemen’s tumultuous uprising. The National Dialogue Conference has opened a window of opportunity for change, bringing Yemen’s main political forces together with groups that were politically marginalized. Yet, the risk of collapse is serious, and if Yemen is to remain a viable state, it must address numerous political, social and economic challenges.

In this invaluable volume, experts with extensive Yemen experience provide innovative analysis of the country’s major crises: centralized governance, the role of the military, ethnic conflict, separatism, Islamism, foreign intervention, water scarcity and economic development.

This is essential reading for academics, journalists, development workers, diplomats, politicians and students alike.

About the Editor(s)

Helen Lackner has been researching the Arabian Peninsula for over forty years and lived in Yemen for close to fifteen. Her other works include PDR Yemen: Outpost of Socialist Development in Arabia and Yemen into the Twenty First Century: Continuity and Change.

In association with British Yemeni Society and London Middle East Institute at SOAS


‘Essential reading … The authors shed light on the context of the Yemeni uprising in a way that not only helps us understand the current transitional period but also the outlines of Yemen’s future.’ Charles Schmitz, President of the American Institute of Yemeni Studies

‘An up to date and wide-ranging guide to what is arguably the Arab world’s least known and most misunderstood state. Edited by one of Britain’s foremost authorities on Yemen … brings together an impressive range of experts on the country to examine the contemporary reality of Yemen.’ Michael Willis, Director of the Middle East Centre, St Antony’s College, Oxford University

‘Thoughtful and well-researched, Why Yemen Matters unearths a wealth of information about contemporary Yemeni society.’
Baghat Korany, Professor of International Relations, American University in Cairo

‘Timely and important … An excellent record … [the contributors’] anecdotes and interviews with Yemenis make a welcome addition to the events, facts and figures that form the basis of the papers.’ Bulletin of the British Foundation for the Study of Arabia

‘An excellent survey of the country's struggles’

Why Yemen Matters is a remarkable book in terms of its comprehensiveness, accessibility and ethical approach ... A must-read for those wanting to go beyond the headlines proclaiming Yemen a “failed state”, in order to learn about people’s daily realities, needs and aspirations.'
Jordan Times